Many people agree that art can help us to be creative. Some use it as a form of therapy, or a way to communicate what they find hard to articulate. Did you know that art also teaches us about life?  Let’s look at the life lessons that art teaches us:


You can’t make everyone happy
Art is a form of self-expression and the art you create is very personal. It is based on your life experiences and others will not fully comprehend the emotions expressed through the artwork, unless they have gone through the same experience.

People’s likes and tastes also vary. What is visually appealing to you might not be so to the others. Just like everything else in life, no matter how hard you try, everyone will have his/her perspective and preference. Realising and accepting that you can’t please everyone helps you to stay true to yourself.


Trust your instincts
Ever felt clueless about the direction you are heading? Just keep going because doing nothing is not the solution. Art teaches you to trust your instincts and enjoy the journey. Take the first step and start something. Soon enough, things will fall into place and you will find yourself building on it layer by layer, step by step, until you get somewhere.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
In art, mistakes can be beautiful. Try something new and the outcome might surprise you. The so-called mistakes (some call it “accidental art”) are more likely to make your piece of art spontaneous and endow it with the element of surprise.


Be good to yourself
No matter what happens, you will always have art. You can tell a million stories through art. When you feel down, painting or drawing can distract you from your troubles and momentarily ease your pain. When you are doing art, you step into a parallel universe where the ideas in your head become reality, a fulfilling experience.


Never give up
An artist’s road is a bumpy one. There will be times when you experience a creative block and struggle to find even a single spark of inspiration. When you get to that point, step away and continue the next day. By staying on the journey and keeping the faith, art teaches you the importance of perseverance. As long as you are determined to go on, nothing can stop you. You will become better and that will lead to success.