Being creative is for everyone. It’s not limited to artists; in fact, creativity is one of the most important characteristics of being human. It is one of the main traits that make us successful as individuals. Creativity should be a way of life, something which we tap into daily, and this is why:

1. It helps us innovate
We live in an environment that is constantly evolving and innovating, with new ideas and technology springing up every day. Creativity nurtures ideas, it also unblocks old habits and obsolete ways of thinking. Having the creativity to start something original is one of the main qualities that moves us forward, and to make the world a better place.

2. It enables us to solve problems
When people see a problem, they are more likely to complain about it instead of trying to resolve it. Creativity helps us to see things in a different perspective which might lead to better solutions. People who are creative tend to handle the unknown better because they choose to respond positively and adapt to changes. 

3. It makes our life beautiful and fulfilling
Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. Without imagination, there is no place for creativity. Creativity allows communication beyond the limitation of words, and it can take the form of art, music and the performing arts. These are the things that give us our voice and culture, making our lives more meaningful.  

Pablo Picasso believed that every child is an artist. He said that the problem is staying an artist when we grow up. Too many of us lose our inner child and the ability to daydream when we start going to school. With standardised testing, we inevitably focus less on non-academic subjects like the arts. While Mathematics and Science are important, we should not neglect the non-academic subjects, for these inspire us and also teach us to appreciate the beauty of life.

4. It builds self-confidence
To be creative, you must not be afraid to make mistakes and fail. Failure is part of the creative process. Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein failed numerous times before their inventions took off. Once we see failure as a component of creativity, and that it is okay to fail, it helps us grow into stronger and more confident individuals who are more willing to venture into unchartered waters.

5. It is essential for leaders
Broadly speaking, a leader who is creative has more to offer than a leader who isn’t, especially in today’s competitive professional environment. A classic example of a creative leader is Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computers. It has become increasingly vital for companies to leverage creative thinking so that they can set themselves apart from competition. A leader who is creative is more likely to use unconventional methods when interacting with his team. And when he encourages innovative thinking, with a management style that retains an imaginative element, it usually results in greater productivity. 

Iranian writer Azar Nafisi nailed it when she said, “You need an imagination in order to imagine a world that doesn’t exist.” Without creativity and imagination, we would never be able to place astronauts on the moon. To break new grounds, we need to think outside the box and let our imagination take us to places where only our minds can conceive.