Megan Tan

Megan (8yo, Singapore) has always been a perfectionist since she was very young. She is into precision and details— the patterns on the wings of a butterfly and the texture of a leaf are some of the things that intrigue her.

Every visit to the park is an artistic experience for her. She sketches what she observes in nature on pieces of paper, and then keeps them in her little pandora box of treasure.

Megan also loves to craft. She often asks for old tee shirts and bags from her mommy to create her own artwork. She derives a lot of joy from recycling and giving old items a new lease of life.

Left/Top: Fight Cavities for a Brighter Smile
Created using oil pastels, this piece of artwork was sent to Japan to compete in a children’s art competition. The theme of this competition was lifestyle. Megan depicted herself fighting germs and bacteria with good dental hygiene. 

Right/Bottom: The Mighty Leopard
Megan used newspaper to create texture for the leopard, before she added colours using acrylic paint and watercolour. This piece was done on canvas. 

Left/Top: Gazebo at the Botanical Gardens
This is Megan’s depiction of what she saw at the park, during one of her art outings. She used watercolour and oil pastels to make this piece. 

Right/Bottom: The Rain Vortex at Jewel
Awed by the spectacular and stunning waterfall at Jewel, this painting was done during her second visit. The medium used is watercolour. 

Left/Top: Egyptian Art
Megan also enjoys working with clay besides painting. This is three-dimensional piece was created using modelling clay and acrylic paint. 

Right/Bottom: Pop Art Fast Food
She attempted pop art by choosing bright colours. Watercolour and markers on canvas. 

Left/Top: 连池塘的九条锦鲤 (9 Koi Fish in a Lotus Pond)
Megan also learns Chinese painting during art lessons. She took 3 days to finish this piece, and it is displayed in her daddy’s office, to bring prosperity and fortune to his company. 

Right/Bottom: 小蝌蚪找到妈妈 (Tadpoles Looking for Their Mommy)
A fan of Chinese calligraphy and painting, Megan attempted this piece using calligraphy ink and Chinese paint. 

Megan posed proudly with her Chinese painting.