Eoon Veng Hann

Veng Hann is a 14-year-old teenager with a unique sense of humour. And he loves to draw/paint meat figures, that are inspired by the subject Biology. Veng Hann’s favourite subject matter has undoubtedly defined his unconventional art style. And this style stood out among the other artwork and got him a third prize in Xobon’s MASH THEM UP art competition. He switches between acrylic and watercolour as a form of medium. 

Read on to find out more about this quirky teen artist!


This is Veng Hann’s entry to our MASH THEM UP art competition. You can see the winners and finalists of this art competition here.


Benny Flower  |  acrylic on canvas

Benny is an original character made up by Veng Hann and you can see it used throughout all his artwork in many variations. In this piece, Benny has many meat limbs growing out of his head that resembles a flower. 

I’ve Not Fed This Man For 15 Years
| acrylic on paper

A very hungry monkey sitting on your kitchen floor looking for food but found you instead. 


Meatball in the Jungle  | watercolour on paper

Veng Hann was supposed to draw an animal that could be found in the jungle, but he came up with this giant lump of meat instead. 

I Ate This for Dinner | acrylic on paper

Veng Hann did an artist study on Marissa Quinn and this artwork is inspired by her. Instead of having a regular plant, Veng Hann decided that he needed to give it more character. 

The Thing (I Found in the Market) – acrylic on paper 
Veng Hann was inspired by how the bell peppers look like they have faces on them. 

Butterfly Man  — watercolour on paper
The Butterfly Man has the wings of the Monarch Butterfly and body of a mayor that probably used to fun a town. 

Cup – Ceramic

The cup has two sides so Veng Hann can show the side of his current emotion to other people while using it. 


We are quite fascinated by Veng Han’s obsession with meatmen. Let’s find out more about this very unique young artist:

1. When did you start developing a keen interest in drawing meatmen?
The inspiration came from biology. I have a keen interest in fungus, bacteria and virus. Then I thought of the flesh virus. A bunch of goofy flesh monster scattered all around the world trying to eat.

2. Who is your favourite artist? Did he/she influence you in any way?
Meatcanyon is one of my favorite artist as he makes very disturbing monstrosity.

3. If your art style had a name, but it can’t be your own name, what would it be?

4. Which fictional character would be the most scary to meet in real life? 
The most scariest character would be Harry Squatter from The Chamber of Gains.

5. What does imagination smell like?
Imagination would smell like a blend of soya sauce, salt, sugar, black vinegar and a lot of onions.

6. Describe your artistic style. 
My art style is basically draw a the face of your goofy monster. Add as many limbs as you want. Have not-so-good fingers and toenails. Add lumps, and paint it red.

7. What did the blue crayon say to the purple crayon
The blue crayon taste better than the purple crayon. The blue crayon would invite the purple crayon into a cryptocurrency scam. Then the purple crayon would make poor financial decisions and become bankrupt.

8. Besides art, what other hobbies do you have? 
Sleeping, breathing, eating, exhaling, inhaling, performing exchange of substances in my internal organs, perform egestion and excretion. Trying to find out what I am going to draw next. Watching Youtube videos. Doing my homework. Running to the nearest Macdonalds to buy some fries.

9. Are artists weird people? Why?
Artists are like a table. You do not know what to do next.

10. What is/are your weird habit(s)? 
Thinking that is someone is in the room and saying hello to nobody. Thinking what happens if historical figures like presidents, dictators and scientists were in a street fighter game.