Creative Air Plants

Air plants’ real name is Tillandsia. The reason why they are commonly known as ‘air plants’ is because they get most of their nutrients and moisture from the air. They are easy to care for, which makes they perfect for home as well as offices. All you need to make sure is that they are placed at locations where there is good ventilation and lots of bright light. These beauties do not like direct sun, and they only require thorough misting once every 2 to 3 days.

Daniel, an air plant artisan, started growing air plants as a hobby about 4 years ago. Today, he is an expert in these low-maintenance plants and his artistic approach to these little companions makes it even more fun to have them. He likes to mount tillandsias on branches and stones. These air plants are glued to the branches/stones using non-toxic glue, which is also used in crafts. He then adds embellishments like cloth flowers, little plastic animals and moss before transforming them into artistic display pieces.


1. Hatch collection. Tillandsia ionantha var. vanhyningii with granite stone n metal stand.
2. Tillandsia aeranthos miniata.
3. Tillandsia ionantha Guatemala in bloom.
4. Connecting the world. Tillandsia xerographica and Tillandsia ionantha with branches and stone slate.
5. Home Sweet Home. Tillandsia ionantha with branch, moss and stone.
6. Prosperity. Tillandsia ionantha x brachycaulos, Tillandsia ionantha var. vanhyningii, Tillandsia ionantha ‘rubra’ with wood and moss.
7. Enchanted garden. Tillandsia ionantha with branch, moss and cloth cherry flowers.
8. Joy of Spring. Tillandsia ionantha with branch, moss and butterflies.

These accessories are available at most art and craft supply stores. The branches and wood pieces can be found at aquarium shops, while the moss and flowers are available at nurseries.

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