Peranakan Kueh

August is Singapore’s birthday month. The students at Artathome celebrated the nation’s birthday by exploring part of Singapore’s heritage—Peranakan. The term ‘Peranakan’ generally refers to people of mixed Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage. It is used by the locals of the Straits Settlement and Malay Archipelagos to address foreign immigrants whom established families and businesses in the Straits of Southeast Asia. While the exact origins of the Peranakans are hard to pin down, many scholars and writers believe them to be descendants of Chinese immigrant traders who married local Malay women or Bataks from Sumatra.

Peranankans are known for their nonya kuehs (traditional cakes), colourful kebayas (dresses) and beaded sandals. Check out the various kinds of nonya kuehs which the kids painted. They tasted the brightly-coloured nonya kuehs after they finished their artwork. What a fun way to celebrate our National Day!

Left/Top: Ela, 5yo
Right/Bottom: Jochebed, 7yo

Left/Top: Joshua, 5.5yo
Right/Bottom: Lara, 7yo

Left/Top: Veng Hann, 10yo
Right/Bottom: Veng Haw, 11yo

Left/Top: Vivienne, 9yo
Right/Bottom: Clara, 8yo

Left/Top: Damien, 5.5yo
Right/Bottom: Samuel, 11yo