The Girl’s Kaksh

Started in 2008 in Singapore, The Girl’s Kaksh is about creating colourful dresses for ladies who have an appreciation for cheongsams with an alternative twist. It is about challenging the norm and making your own fashion statement. Each piece is unique and tailor-made to suit every individual. The material used is either cotton or linen, which is the perfect fabric for the hot and humid weather in Singapore. The Girl’s Kaksh (“Kaksh” means room of a lady, in Hindi) is the brainchild of Audrey See, who believes in making timeless and comfortable dresses.

Audrey has a huge stash of whimsical and cheery fabric for her customers to choose from. They are free to let their imagination go wild as they mix their own fabrics for their dream outfits. If not, they may bring their own fabrics, as long as the material is either cotton or linen.

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