Sensory PlayDate

6 October 2018 (Saturday)  |  Cluny Court  |  2pm – 6pm

What a blast we had making monsters with kids and their parents on Saturday, 6 October 2018, at Cluny Court! It was extremely heartening to see everyone unleashing their imagination and creativity—many quirky and adorable monsters were made that day!

To begin, each participant picked a monster body or monster eye mask that they liked. Next, they filled these creatures up with monster guts which were made of wool and lavendar bits. When the monsters were stuffed, the kids then sewed them up and created their very own monsters by using felt, tube cleaners or/and googly eyes to make them come alive! Each monster had a heart: the kids had a choice of red heart (compassion), pink heart (empathy) and golden heart (heart of gold). They also wrote the qualities (kindness, humour, generosity, resilience, etc) which they wanted for their monsters on strips of paper. The heart and the strip of paper went into each monster before it was sewn up.

It was such a fun and meaningful session. Thank you everyone for showing up and giving us support. So inspired by your enthusiasm, we are planning more workshops, please watch this space.

More photos are in the photo album entitled “Sensory PlayDate at Cluny Court“, on our Facebook page.